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Our Our History

Our story begins in 2018, we are young, but very experienced. Our multidisciplinary team is timeless, we are experts in the most important areas to analyze, structure, evaluate, renew and innovate business.
Regardless of the sector and size of the business, we seek profitable self-sustainable growth within a relevant purpose for society.
Our work is dedicated to a few, but with enormous transformational power. Your success will be the legacy of our history.
FAROL wants to ensure that investors and entrepreneurs are sailing in the same direction with safety and confidence.


We encourage inspiring ideas and business at any stage of your journey. We have expertise in finance, risk, sales, management, marketing, corporate governance and innovation.
In addition to the various tools, we are strategic with an immense network of contacts inside and outside Brazil.

  • 1. Discipline

    We align interests between the entrepreneur and the investor, not only in the structure of financial capital but also with intellectual and political capital; With innovative discipline, we act by reducing the need for investments and accelerating growth towards self-sustainability;

  • 2. Diligence

    Investors and entrepreneurs will never be alone, we demand governance and reality; Constant and systematic, qualitative and quantitative monitoring; Mentoring with the guarantee of knowledge transfer to the entrepreneur;

  • 3. Result

    Profitability with great involvement of purpose; Measurement of results with clear goals; Well-evaluated opportunities suited to the investor profile;

TEAM TEAM Farol Ventures

Young entrepreneurial entrepreneurs at Farol Ventures know the importance of mixing new knowledge with wisdom, so their advice is multidisciplinary.

  • Carolina Alquéres

    Lawyer specialized in Corporate Law and risk management.

  • Bruno Sacramento

    Expert in governance and capital markets.

  • Tuli Lerner

    Creative Economy, finance and entrepreneurship.

  • Ricardo Junqueira

    Expert in Management, M&A and investor relations.

  • Bruno Guaranys

FAROL for <span>Investors</span>

FAROL for Investors

We offer strategic opportunities for the investor portfolio, carefully designing investment products tailored to the risk and reward of each client.

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FAROL for Companies & Startups

We will take you further on your journey, with inspiring ideas, return and risk measurements, with cutting-edge technology and a network that will add value for the safe growth of your business.

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Farol Ventures builds long-term relationships, each day the relationship gets stronger, and brings better results.

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